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Events - what you can do

Small Business Expo 2008

Small Business Expo - carboNZero certified event.

Events and conferences provide an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of climate change. New Zealand hosts many events that contribute significant economic benefits but they also have environmental impacts.

Joining the scheme provides you with access to guidance and tools that assist you to achieve your commitments and meet the requirements of carboNZero certification. Prior to certification, an external verification verifies that you have completed the measurement, reduction and offsetting steps.

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions raises awareness of climate change impacts, and provides a basis for identifying opportunities to manage and reduce emissions and make cost savings. Offsetting the remaining, unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions creates funding that is invested in projects such as native forest regeneration, renewable energy and the recovery of landfill gas.


An estimate for the costs of carboNZero event certification will be provided for your event on application. Upon registration, you will be provided with access to measure, manage and mitigate guidance and tools, via our password protected client pages, that help you prepare for verification. carboNZero certified events will receive the carboNZero logo to use on event materials.

The scheme requires some work to be done prior to the event. Please contact us as early as possible before your event, preferably at the event planning stage, in order to ensure successful certification.

The benefits of taking your event through the carboNZero programme include:

  • Add value to the event
  • Increase market value
  • Identify emissions reductions and cost savings opportunities
  • Demonstrate proactive event leadership
  • Address stakeholder concerns
  • Opportunity to invest in projects to reduce emissions
  • Address the climate change impacts of the event
  • Add credibility to the event
  • Work with a scheme that has credibility and integrity
  • Avoid accusations of greenwash