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carboNZero certified events and event operations

Small Business Expo 2008

Small Business Expo - carboNZero certified event.

Events and conferences provide an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of climate change. New Zealand hosts many events that contribute significant economic benefits but they also have environmental impacts. Enviro-Mark Solutions is proud to support events that want to take action to reduce their climate change impacts. Events that work with us to measure, manage (reduce) and mitigate (offset) their GHG emissions can become carboNZero certified to one of two levels.

An event can achieve either carboNZero certification for the full event or for just event operations. This certification is based on good international practice and a set of technical requirements for events developed by the Programme. Events must undergo an independent check prior to certification to ensure they meet these requirements. The measurement and calculation method follows the principles of life cycle assessment, including measuring and reducing important emission sources whenever possible across all event activities.


Upon registration, the event will receive access to tools and guidance to prepare for event or event operations certification.

Event organisers will estimate the measurement input using information available to them pre-event. The programme will provide guidance and information to ensure an appropriate estimate is produced. Any estimate of the event emissions will be an overestimate at this stage.


carboNZero certified eventThe emission sources considered for a carboNZero certified event include:

carboNZero certified event operationsThe emission sources considered for carboNZero certified event operations include all of the above EXCEPT:


The event is required to prepare a management plan and submit for pre-event check. This management plan will address how event emissions will be managed and minimised for this event as well as for any future recurrences of the event.

The estimated emissions and the management plan will be submitted for a pre-event check. This may include reviewing the emissions calculator for completeness, questioning major assumptions e.g., attendee travel plans, review of logo use and associated supporting materials and websites. The check does not constitute an audit and therefore an assurance opinion will not be provided in terms of the completeness, accuracy, relevance and transparency of the greenhouse gas emissions.

Once the check is completed, the estimated emissions will be fully offset.


The offset boundary is set at one of two levels:


After the pre-event check is complete, the certification logo will then be awarded to the event to use for promotional purpose.

The event may make claims around being a carboNZero certified event or carboNZero certified event operations, depending on the level of emissions offset.


After the conclusion of the event, the event organiser has 30 days from the last day of the event to submit completed, actual measurement data.

A post event review will compare the estimated data with actual data as and the offset amount adjusted, if required. The post audit review will also evaluate the implementation/success of the management plan.

If adequate post event data is not submitted within the 30 days deadline, the event forfeits the right to further submit actual data at a later date and will be invoiced for a penalty fee of $2000. The penalty fee will cover the cost of the programme to inform the Commerce Commission and other related parties that the certification of the event was not satisfactorily completed, and any cost related to removal of the use of the certified logo. The programme may decide to refuse further certification from the same event organiser in the future.


An estimate for the costs of carboNZero event certification will be provided for your event on application.

The scheme requires some work to be done prior to the event. Please contact us as early as possible before your event, preferably at the event planning stage, in order to ensure successful certification.

The benefits of taking your event through the carboNZero programme include:

  • Add value to the event
  • Increase market value
  • Identify emissions reductions and cost savings opportunities
  • Demonstrate proactive event leadership
  • Address stakeholder concerns
  • Opportunity to invest in projects to reduce emissions
  • Address the climate change impacts of the event
  • Add credibility to the event
  • Work with a scheme that has credibility and integrity
  • Avoid accusations of greenwash