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carboNZnewz Issue 15, April 2012

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CEO update - Graham

GrahamWelcome back, we hope you have had a great summer and are ready for an exciting year ahead.

It has been a very busy few months at carboNZero Holdings. Our CEMARS certification scheme has been approved by the world’s largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting agency, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), as a suitable standard for verification of greenhouse gas information submitted to the CDP by global companies. We have also been accredited to the PAS 2050 standard for certifying products.

In New Zealand we have certified many new clients. In the UK, our licensed partner Achilles has had some great results with 140 companies now registered on the CEMARS programme. In Chile we have recently certified two more companies, and we continue to build our market presence in Australia.

We have also appointed Chris Rook as our new Marketing Manager who will help steer and grow our brands internationally. I am excited lately to see new levels of engagement with our clients and other key audiences through social media.

We look forward to a promising 2012 and the opportunities it will bring.

Opportunities in your supply chain

In this issue I would like to share with you some recent figures and research which was released by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). The CDP has been collecting data on corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for almost a decade.

Over the past decade, major global corporations have increasingly taken steps to address climate change, partly in response to greater awareness of climate change among investors and consumers. Now, suppliers are realising the business value for emissions information due to growing requests for such information among their corporate clients.

The data from the CDP demonstrates that companies taking a leadership stance on climate change are benefiting financially. Large companies such as Walmart and PepsiCo are enjoying the benefits of climate change strategies in multiple ways. These companies are driving emission reductions along their supply chain and this is translating into clear cost savings for them.

This represents a much larger opportunity: indirect emissions (meaning those from the supply chain) represent as much as 86% of a company's total emissions.

Companies that are able to gather supply chain emission information can create sustainable, profitable growth through looking at where efficiencies can be made in their supply chain.  This means they will also be better positioned to capitalise on market opportunities in the long term, as companies increasingly make carbon emission reductions not only the price of market entry, but a point of competitive differentiation.

The business case is strong and growing: suppliers that do not measure and manage their greenhouse gas emissions will soon see their competitors snapping up their business because they can provide better information and clearer evidence of change.

While the opportunity is clear, the precise means of capturing these gains are not. I encourage you to more effectively evaluate suppliers, improve performance through more effective procurement. Engaging with your supply chain can help your bottom line, whilst generate positive environmental outcomes.

I personally welcome feedback on your ideas and suggestions for reducing emissions in the supply chain. You can call me on +64 27 604 7373 or email carterg@landcareresearch.co.nz

Graham Carter
carboNZero Holdings


Carbon Disclosure Project recognition

Our CEMARS certification scheme has been approved by the world’s largest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting agency, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), as a suitable standard for verification of greenhouse gas information submitted to the CDP by global companies.

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that each year asks almost 6000 of the world’s largest companies to report on their climate strategies, GHG emissions, and energy use. Information submitted to the CDP is scored for benchmarking purposes and this includes points for gaining independent verification of GHG claims. So basically,  the CDP provides a ‘league table’ of the world’s biggest GHG emitters setting out how much carbon they’re producing and what they’re doing to reduce it

In order to ensure that the verified data submitted is comparable, the CDP has evaluated a large number of standards and approved a small list of the ones that it recognises. Our CEMARS certification scheme is one of these select few.

This means that companies that want to ensure their carbon footprint data will appear in the best possible light in the final CDP reports can use our CEMARS scheme to verify their emissions claims.

The CDP reports are becoming increasingly important for global corporations wishing to safeguard their reputations and create more sustainable business models. The information collected is proving helpful to institutional investors keen to mitigate corporate risk from future government legislation, possible future lawsuits, and consumer backlash against heavy GHG emitters.

For more information please see https://www.cdproject.net/en-US/Respond/Pages/verification-standards.aspx


PAS 2050 accreditation

We have become the first non-UK company to certify product footprints under the new PAS 2050 standard. We gained PAS 2050 accreditation from the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand.

Businesses who take advantage of the CEMARS and carboNZero product certification, which now is in accordance with PAS 2050, will be able to demonstrate to their customers they are using one the highest internationally recognised standards to measure, manage and reduce or offset their carbon emissions.

PAS 2050 is a publically available specification for assessing GHG emissions over the entire lifecycle of products and services, so businesses can prove with the utmost of credibility and robustness, their activities are effective and carry substance.

Being accredited to PAS 2050 further reinforces the company’s commitment to empower clients with the most robust and credible evidence for their clients.

This is a major milestone for our portfolio of certification offerings. It’s important to clients that we are aligned with international best practise so that organisations can extend the scope of their carbon footprints to include the impact of goods and services they produce.

For more information please see the JAZ-ANZ website


Getting social - social media engagement


We are pleased to announce that we are now engaging in Social Media as a way of communicating directly to our key audiences and interested parties to further raise awareness of our certification offerings. We would love your support and welcome your thoughts on some of the articles we will be posting on these sites.


If you would like to follow us, please click the on the hyperlinks below:

Twitter - @carboNZeroProg





Desert skateboarding

In December, Alan Carnaby from our team, together with two friends became the first in the world to longboard skateboard over the Andes and through the Atacama Desert in South America - some 1600km.

It was a self supported trip with no support crew, i.e. they carried everything with them on their skateboards. The guys are in the process of finishing their carboNZero certification of the trip and they helped raise money for Project Litefoot, a charitable trust aiming to inspire New Zealanders to become environmental champions.

Alan said it was an extremely tough, outrageous and rewarding adventure. The boys survived on biscuits for three days, pulled trucks over for water, endured dog attacks, dodged landmines and applied dirt as sunblock. It was a real adventure which Alan says tested him physically and mentally, but also changed the way he views the world.

They had some good media coverage and if you want to see what it was all about check out TV1’s Close Up interview on Alan and his trip: http://tvnz.co.nz/close-up/sustainable-travel-video-4750987

You can view more photos at:www.facebook.com/skateventure

Road CityCanyon




Calling all "carbon heroes”

The carboNZero programme offers a wonderful opportunity to bring clients together at our networking events. This is where like-minded businesses can share experiences, network and establish business relationships.

The carboNZero membership is not sector or industry specific; rather it comprises a diverse group of forward-thinking and innovative companies that demonstrate leadership by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And of course it’s not just about greenhouse gases, to achieve emissions reductions, companies are improving energy efficiency, better managing water and wastewater, reducing waste to landfill, and introducing smarter travel and freight logistics.

Any business that has proactively taken steps to join the programme is also one that will naturally care who it does business with, from both a customer and supplier perspective.

Recently we helped host a networking event with  Lowndes Associate to celebrate their carboNZero certification. We are holding our next event at Tangible Media in Auckland on 3rd May, if you would like to be included on the invitation list then please email carnabya@landcareresearch.co.nz




Win $10,000 by thinking green

Yealands Estate, is asking Kiwis to submit their best ‘green idea’ wines to win cash and other great prizes.

Using a unique code from specially marked bottles of wine from the Yealands Estate portfolio, shoppers can submit their ideas online, with one lucky winner receiving $10,000. 

A second prize will be offered for the most creative green idea submitted. The winner, judged by Peter Yealands, will receive an exclusive trip for two to the winery including a tasting and sustainability tour with the Yealands Estate team.

From March 5th to April 29th shoppers will be able to purchase specially marked bottles of Yealands Estate wine, retrieve the on-pack unique code and use this to enter the competition online at www.facebook.com/yealandsestate

We encourage you to get involved and put on your green thinking cap.






New certifications

It has been great to see a number of newly certified clients be welcomed to our ever growing certified family.

CEMARS certified

  • University of Canterbury
  • Easiyo Products Limited
  • James and Wells Intellectual Property
  • BMW NZ Group
  • Christalerias Toro S.A.I.C (Chile)
  • Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA - Chile)
  • Treasury Estate Wines (Matua)

carboNZero certified

  • Quality Building Services Limited
  • Tomorrow Limited
  • Tamata Holdings Limited
  • The Hatchery Limited
  • Gardyne Holt Limited
  • Energy and Technical Services Limited
  • Morphum Environmental Limited
  • Kiwi Express Limited
  • Kauri Museum
  • Web Genius


New appointments

Chris Rook, Marketing Manager

ChrisChris is based at Auckland and is responsible for leading our marketing and communications across key international and domestic markets.

He has a strong interest in the corporate sustainability strategies, specifically businesses’ long term success in relation to its environmental and social performance.

He brings a wealth of B2B and B2C marketing experience from previous roles in a variety of industries. With Vodafone Group and Vodafone UK he has held global and local positions in brand management, sponsorship, customer relationship management, direct marketing and product management. In New Zealand, he has plied his brand development skills in consultant and strategy roles with New Zealand Racing Board (TAB), Telecom Gen-i and the Mitre 10 Group.

Chris has a BSc (Hons) in Management Sciences and Diploma in Industrial Studies from Loughborough University, together with a Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Postgraduate Diploma from Oxford College of Marketing.


Our thanks

Finally we thank our clients for their ongoing commitment to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions with integrity and not adding to the problem so nicely illustrated below...